Making a Difference

Thumbnail from Dual Credit Student Success Stories video

Over the past few years, we’ve really seen the difference that Dual Credit courses are making for students across Illinois. As more high school students take these advanced classes, fewer students needed costly remedial classwork in community college.

Dual Credit’s impact is real. But you don’t need to take my word for it. Take it from real Illinois students who experienced the benefits of Dual Credit courses firsthand.

Payton will save time and money as she transitions directly to the nursing program in college.

Jessa knew the collaboration between her high school and community college created unique opportunities.

Riley’s online courses helped put her on the fast-track to get into the workforce sooner.

Each of these students graduated high school with an associate degree, setting them on a course for future success.

These Illinois students are living examples of what Dual Credit courses can do for individuals and school communities alike. Through our partnership with Vienna High School, Stand had a unique opportunity to hear directly from these students about their experiences in Dual Credit courses. What we heard was inspiring. I encourage you to watch for yourself. We’re seeing more and more that when districts commit to Dual Credit, great things can happen. And as we look to the future to set up more students for success in an ever-changing economic landscape, Dual Credit remains a significant accelerator to that success.

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