Electing Education Champions

Electing Education Champions

Stand for Children supports candidates who are committed to fighting for education equity and racial justice to create a brighter future for us all. We look for champions at the state and local level who are bold, substantive, and solutions-oriented – leaders who move the needle forward for the next generation and dismantle the systemic barriers holding back too many in areas including education, economic opportunity, and equity.

In Illinois, this work is conducted through two bipartisan entities, Stand for Children IL PAC and Stand for Children IL IEC.

The Illinois General Election is on November 8, 2022.

For the November 8th General Election, the Stand for Children IL PAC considered only General Assembly candidates in contested elections. Our endorsed candidates are listed below. If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].

(Paid for by Stand for Children Illinois PAC or Stand for Children Illinois IEC)

For the 2022 General Election, Stand for Children IL PAC endorses the following candidates for the General Assembly.

For the Illinois House:

Rep. Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (D) 17th District

Rep. Robyn Gabel (D) 18th District

Rep. Lindsey LaPointe (D) 19th District

Rep. Janet Yang Rohr (D) 41st District

Rep. Fred Crespo (D) 44th District

Diane Blair-Sherlock (D) 46th District

Rep. Barbara Hernandez (D) 50th District

Rep. Mark Walker (D) 53rd District

Rep. Michelle Mussman (D) 56th District

Rep. Daniel Didech (D) 59th District

Rep. Joyce Mason (D) 61st District

Laura Faver Dias (D) 62nd District

Rep. Suzanne Ness (D) 66th District

Gregg Johnson (D) 72nd District

Rep. Anne Stava-Murray (D) 81st District

Rep. Keith Wheeler (R) 83rd District

Sharon Chung (D) 91st District

Rep. Amy Elik (R) 111th District

Rep. Katie Stuart (D) 112th District

For the Illinois Senate:

Sen. Laura Fine (D) 9th District

Sen. Dan McConchie (R) 26th District

Mary Edly-Allen (D) 31st District

Sen. Doris Turner (D) 48th District

Sen. Kris Tharp (D) 56th District

(Paid for by Stand for Children IL PAC)