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May 24, 202403 min read
Illinois State Capitol
Stand for Children Calls on the Senate to Save Critical Bill The following statement can be attributed to Jessica Handy, Illinois Executive Director of Stand for Children: “HB 303 would extend the moratorium on school closures for ALL Chicago Public Schools until the fully elected school board is seated. ALL of them. Magnet, charter, neighborhood, […]

Confused about… whether Illinois owes Chicago Public Schools $1 billion?

May 21, 202405 min read
Political cartoon depicting people marching toward the edge of a cliff. The cliff has a sign on the side that says "Coming soon to a school near you," and the edge is labeled "federal fiscal cliff, Sept. '24." The people are holding signs reading "cost of living increases," "teacher shortage," "migrant influx," and "persistent under-funding." At the bottom of the cliff is a safety net labeled "evidence based funding."
Evidence-Based Funding If the Evidence-Based Funding (EBF) Formula were fully funded, Illinois schools would see about $4.5 billion more in State funds, of which around $1 billion would go to CPS. When EBF passed, there was a stated intention to reach full funding by 2028 and a somewhat contradictory establishment of a $350 million “Minimum […]

The NewsSTAND: May 2024

May 16, 202401 min read
September 2023. The NewsSTAND. blue gradient
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Apr 23, 202403 min read
Illinois state capitol
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                          April 23, 2024                                                                             CONTACT: Mea Anderson | [email protected] Stand for Children Celebrates the Passage of House Bill 5020, Bringing Illinois One Step Closer to Equitable Access to Dual Credit Courses (Springfield) – Stand for Children celebrated a huge win for Dual Credit last week after the Illinois House […]

The Path to CPS’s First School Board Election

Mar 22, 202401 min read
The Road to Chicago's 2024 School Board Election. March 18: School maps become law. March 26: Petition circulation begins June 17 – 24: Petition filing period September 26: Early voting begins November 5: Last chance to vote!
The Governor signed legislation Monday that finalizes the Chicago school board electoral map. Here it is! On March 26, candidates will begin circulating petitions to get on the ballot. They need 1,000 valid signatures, which will be turned in during the June 17 – 24 filing period. That’s coming up fast, so if you’re thinking of […]

Support Full Evidence-Based Funding for Public Schools

Mar 12, 202402 min read
Funding Illinois' Future. Better Funding for Public Schools
Calling All Legislators: Sign the Pledge! The Evidence-Based Funding Formula was created in 2017 after five years of diligent study, intense advocacy, and hard-fought negotiation. At the time, Illinois had the single most inequitable funding system in the nation. The law established a goal of adding $350M to Evidence-Based Funding every year. That goal has been […]