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Creating a Brighter Future for Us All

Learn more about Stand’s work to ensure education equity and racial justice in the Prairie State.

education funding

Education equity cannot be achieved without adequate funding, which is why Stand fights for equitable school funding for all students.

early literacy

It is a fundamental injustice that in the state of Illinois only 35% of 4th grade students are proficient or advanced readers.

youth justice

We stand with Illinois children and their families against the economic injustice of juvenile court fees and fines.

dual credit

Stand works to improve equitable access to advanced courses for students across the state.

teach kindness

Teach Kindness makes schools safer, more supportive learning environments by equipping educators to teach students the skills to be kind to themselves and others.

elect education champions

Stand supports candidates who are committed to fighting for education equity and racial justice to create a brighter future for us all.

When We Catch a Child Being Kind
Any time we catch students being kind, we celebrate their powerful act by acknowledging it on our kindness tree.
Modeling Kindness for Our Students
Our school’s story proves that every school can — and should — Teach Kindness.
Making a Commitment to Teaching Kindness
The lessons that you get when participating in Teach Kindness help students develop skills that you really need for a successful life.