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Early Literacy Deep Dive

Confused about Illinois literacy policy? Read our latest deep dive on
improving literacy in the Prairie State.


We focus on policies and funding that level the playing field so all students have a fair chance to succeed in the classroom and in life. Our policy work primarily cuts across four areas: Adequate and Equitable Funding Spent WiselyEarly LiteracyHigh School Success, and Racial and Youth Justice.


 Creating a brighter future for us all requires safe and supportive communities, whether those be schools, neighborhoods, cities, or our entire state. To help achieve that goal, we partner with parents, caregivers, educators, and community leaders to harness the power of our collective voices to make a positive impact in our communities.


Civic engagement has been our heart and soul ever since our founding event in 1996. There are many ways to join us in standing for the children of Illinois, including learning from historyelecting education championsregistering to vote, and, in Chicago, through your Local School Council.

A Scalable and Sustainable Grassroots Movement

Stand for Children Illinois believes in harnessing the inherent potential of individuals and the power of our collective voices to advance education equity and racial justice.

Making a Difference
Dual Credit’s impact is real. But you don’t need to take our word for it. Take it from real Illinois students who experienced the benefits of Dual Credit courses firsthand.
We Need to Abolish This
We wholeheartedly agree with the Illinois Supreme Court's Statutory Court Fee Task Force and will provide testimony in support of eliminating juvenile court fees and fines.
Literacy is Trending
There is a place in the Early Literacy Coalition for every Illinoisan who is committed to advocating for equitable reading outcomes.