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The Road to Chicago's 2024 School Board Election. March 18: School maps become law. March 26: Petition circulation begins June 17 – 24: Petition filing period September 26: Early voting begins November 5: Last chance to vote!

The First CPS School Board Election is approaching

So, what do you need to know? Here you can find periodic updates, a deep dive on elections and the Chicago Board of Education, as well as a helpful timeline with key dates to keep in mind.

education funding

Education equity cannot be achieved without adequate funding, which is why Stand fights for equitable school funding for all students.

early literacy

It is a fundamental injustice that in the state of Illinois only 35% of 4th grade students are proficient or advanced readers.

youth justice

We stand with Illinois children and their families against the economic injustice of juvenile court fees and fines.

dual credit

Stand works to improve equitable access to advanced courses for students across the state.

teach kindness

Teach Kindness makes schools safer, more supportive learning environments by equipping educators to teach students the skills to be kind to themselves and others.

elect education champions

Stand supports candidates who are committed to fighting for education equity and racial justice to create a brighter future for us all.

Stand for Children Calls on the Senate to Save Critical Bill The following statement can be attributed to Jessica Handy, Illinois Executive Director of Stand for Children: “HB 303 would extend the moratorium on school closures for ALL Chicago Public …
Confused about… whether Illinois owes Chicago Public Schools $1 billion?
Evidence-Based Funding If the Evidence-Based Funding (EBF) Formula were fully funded, Illinois schools would see about $4.5 billion more in State funds, of which around $1 billion would go to CPS. When EBF passed, there was a stated intention to …
The NewsSTAND: May 2024
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