Let’s Stop Illinois Brain Drain

We’ve told you about the many problems facing Illinois high school students that have led to our state’s chronic brain drain. Today is the day for action, because now we have actual legislation to support that will help solve many of the problems facing our students.

Are you with us? Tell Springfield: it’s time to stop Illinois Brain Drain.

We need to fight to tap the potential of all students. The legislation introduced today works to do just that.

Strengthening our high schools is critical not only for those who go onto college, but also for those who pursue career training or careers after they graduate from high school.

We need policymakers to show their support for Illinois high school students by co-sponsoring these bills. Tell your legislators: it’s time to step up for Illinois students.

We have a perfect moment in time to fix these issues that contributed to the brain drain problem.

These bills are a solid start to helping Illinois students. Springfield needs to support them.

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