Just Say No to Brain Drain

We’ve been saying for a while now that elected officials need to stop our state’s atrocious Brain Drain problem, and last week, we got a wakeup call that puts the crisis into stark relief.

New data from the Illinois Board of Higher Education show that in 2017, nearly 50% of Illinois public high school graduates enrolled in four-year universities attended out-of-state schools. 50 percent!

I’ve asked you before to stand up and help Stop Illinois Brain Drain, and I’m asking you again today.

There’s legislation currently in the Illinois Senate that would help address an aspect of this problem, and now we need legislators to act. Tell your state Senator to support SB1212, a bill that would expand equitable access to advanced courses for students in every region of the state.

We need leadership to reverse the exodus of students before it gets worse.

Illinois students should have opportunities for success after high school, right here in the Prairie State.

Let’s fight to give them those opportunities.

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