Dual Credit Deserves Equity

The Illinois Constitution makes clear a “fundamental goal” of the State is the “educational development of all persons to the limits of their capacities.” It continues that the State “shall provide for an efficient system of high quality public educational institutions and services.”

Those are high-minded ideas, but the truth is that an effective, equity-driven strategy to move Illinois closer to this Constitutional goal exists. It’s on us to ensure it happens.

Working together, we can remove the deep disparities in access to college-level coursework by expanding dual credit opportunities. Dual credit courses give high school students a jump-start on community and four-year college and the chance for significant tuition savings.

Expanding equity in dual credit courses is the focus of Stand’s latest report. We dive deep on dual credit policies, what is working in school districts across Illinois, and what the State can do to improve equity for all students in these important classes.

This report is the culmination of a year of study and discussions by Stand’s 2019-20 Class of Policy Fellows. Working together before the pandemic hit and after, they connected with dual credit leaders up and down Illinois. Many of those stories are profiled in the report, which highlights a number of steps districts can take to improve dual credit opportunities for their students.

The report also spotlights a number of actions that policymakers at the State level can take to improve equity in dual credit. These are achievable, impactful ways for policymakers and advocates to expand equity for all dual credit students across Illinois

We’ll be in touch with ways to stay involved with dual credit. In the meantime, dig into the report. Read the stories and learn how your district can improve dual credit opportunities for all students.

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