We all know that Colorado is a great place to live, and it is safe to say that Colorado has grown in population and, in turn, a surging housing market that has made our property taxes skyrocket in the last several years. That is why we are supporting PROP HH which will lower property taxes AND increase funding for schools. This tax cut will provide relief for families and put more money in our K-12 education by allowing a portion of the TABOR surplus to offset the lost property tax revenue.  

Not to mention, one of the main drivers to student outcomes is whether a child’s family is experiencing financial and home stability, therefore the relief that Prop HH would provide to families would also be benefitting our children’s experience in and out of school.  

Does it sound too good to be true? How are schools still being financed through this proposition? 

We fund education through property taxes, so it makes sense to think that we would be cutting funds to our schools through this proposition, BUT this proposition actually ensures that the funding stays and/or increases through the TABOR surplus mechanism.  

We urge you to vote yes on Proposition HH to help families across Colorado and students receive an equitable education! 

Stand for Children Colorado advances educational equity and racial justice in Colorado through meaningful partnerships with families, educators, schools, and policy makers. One of the ways we uphold this work is through our annual Advocacy Fellowship.   

Stand Advocacy Fellows are community leaders advocating for policy solutions towards racial justice and equity in education.  With the support of Stand staff, advocacy fellows will deep dive into issues affecting Colorado communities today, co-create solutions, democratize knowledge back to their communities, work to break down barriers to power and access decision makers, and, in the process, build long lasting relationships and invaluable skills. 

Colorado State Board of Education passes inclusive social studies standards 

Together with our supporters and other partners we raised our voices in favor of students learning accurate, fact-based accounts of history. Learn more here

Celebrating Election Results   

Volunteers sent 170,000 texts to Colorado voters to support education champions in this year’s election. In addition to the re-election of Governor Polis, and the election of Stand endorsed candidates in the State Legislature, we are incredibly excited about the election of Kathy Plomer and Rebecca McClelland to the State Board. View the full list of Stand Education Champions elected here.  

Stand Event: Engaging Through Challenges 

This October, we hosted the Center for High School Success, Teach Kindness, and Home Visit Partnerships in a free, webinar to introduce programs and strategies to support safe and supportive school environments that lead to effective student and family engagement and improved attendance.  

Lorelei, Stand Advocacy Fellow

“I am excited to continue this fellowship because Stand is dedicated to change-making for our students and communities. I am looking forward to making change through careful research, thoughtful advocacy, and strong partnerships in a state policy context. I loved working with families and the Stand for Children advocates in the past and am happy to continue that work.” 

Thank you for standing for Colorado’s students, families, and educators. Whether you’ve signed a petition, emailed your lawmaker, or shared information with your family and friends, your action matters, and so does your support. Will you donate to support our work in 2023?

Every dollar raised will go towards: 

  • Fighting to expand funding for the Ninth Grade On-Track and Expelled and At-Risk Student Services (EARSS) grant programs. 
  • Providing families with training and resources to support their students outside of the classroom through workshops and one on one support to parents/guardians in schools we partner with. 
  • Working to eliminate the, currently allowable, practice of lying to juveniles during interrogation. 
  • Continued progress on early literacy outcomes for students 

After a busy election season, I woke up feeling so proud of the work our team and volunteers did to support Colorado’s education champions! Volunteers sent 170,000 texts to Coloradans in the past couple weeks and today, we’re celebrating big wins with them.

In addition to the re-election of Governor Polis, and the election of Stand endorsed candidates in the Senate and the House, we are incredibly excited about the election of Kathy Plomer and Rebecca McClelland to the State Board.

Our focus will continue to be on prioritizing ways to improve early literacy, making sure our students are prepared to graduate on time, and ensuring our schools and communities are safe and supportive spaces for students to thrive. We are excited to share with you our policy priorities and work with you to advance them next legislative session. 

Here’s your guide to voting for education champions for the State Board of Education this November in four easy steps!  

1.) Learn more about the State Board.  

2.) Decide what’s important to you in a candidate!  

  • Do you want to elect someone that has experience in education? Is it important that your candidate talks about mental health supports for students?

3.) Research the candidates! 

4. VOTE! Be sure to complete your ENTIRE ballot and vote all the way through, including the At-Large candidate for State Board of Education.

You’ve got this! Your ballot needs to be dropped off by 7pm Tuesday, November 8 but no need to wait – you can drop it in a secure ballot drop box as soon as you are done voting. 

Rear view of little boy and his classmates raising arms to answer teacher’s question during the lecture in the classroom.

I’ll be honest, before I worked at Stand I didn’t think much about the members of the State Board of Education and their impact on education in Colorado. Now that I’ve learned more, I know that the State Board plays a really important role guiding education in our state.  

For better or worse, decisions made by the elected directors of the State Board of Education will impact education for my kids. So, why am I writing you about the State Board of Education today? It’s because towards the very end of our very long general election ballot this year is your decision on who you want to represent you on the State Board. You will also vote for an At-Large (statewide) Director, a seat added after the most recent census.  


There are seven elected members of the State Board responsible for overseeing the Colorado Department of Education, appointing our commissioner, approving our education budget, accrediting school districts and the programs preparing our teachers, and distributing millions of federal dollars. 

Here are a few ways the State Board is impacting education in Colorado RIGHT NOW:  

Make sure that those elected to the State Board of Education reflect Colorado’s values and commitment to our students. While it may not get the most attention, these positions make impactful decisions about the direction of our education system. Ensure you complete your entire ballot – all the way through State Board of Education Directors— and vote for champions! 

Stand for Children Colorado announced today the endorsement of candidates running for the Colorado General Assembly, Governor and Colorado State Board of Education in the upcoming General Election Tuesday, November 8, 2022.


Jared Polis

Colorado House of Representatives

Julie McCluskie, District 13 

Lindsey Daugherty, District 24 

Ruby Dickson, District 37 

Mary Young, District 50 

Barbara McLachlan, District 59 

Colorado Senate

Dylan Roberts, District 8 

Tony Exum, District 11 

Lisa Cutter, District 20 

Tom Sullivan, District 27 

Colorado State Board of Education

Kathy Plomer, At-Large

Rebecca McClellan, District 6    

“A group of six highly involved community leaders choose their preferred candidates and they ended up being those who uphold and commit to fighting for education equity and racial justice,” said State Organizing Director, Ivana Bejaran Rib.

Candidates seeking Stand’s endorsement complete our Education Champion questionnaire.  An endorsement committee of parents and educators then use the completed questionnaires, public positions, and relevant voting records to check for alignment to our top priorities of early literacy, high school success and safe and support schools and communities.  Stand and the parents, educators, and community members we work with will now work to get out the vote in support of these candidates between now and election day.