Vallerie Bustamante

Digital Organizing Manager

Vallerie was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and passionately works to uplift her community. She experienced a public education that became essential to her core belief in creating positive change for students through policy and leadership. She became a young advocate to her peers in high school when promoting multi-cultural training for teachers and extra support for students through tutoring and post-education opportunities. After leaning into other issues in her college career such as immigration, health care and more, she still felt in her heart and mind she needed to pursue education policy. That is when Vallerie joined Stand in 2020 as a community organizer.  

As a digital organizing manager at Stand, Vallerie creates spaces where parents and community can grow in leadership and advocacy for their students’ educational experiences. She creates a bridge between policymakers and the community to elevate constituent voice in all decision-making whether it is school based or statewide. Her dedication to uplifting community voice can be seen through her willingness to meet folks where they are and extend a helping hand when needed.  

Outside of Stand, Vallerie enjoys spending time with her baby girl and husband, Gema and Santana—doing anything!