Our Endorsements for 2022 General Election

Stand for Children Colorado announced today the endorsement of candidates running for the Colorado General Assembly, Governor and Colorado State Board of Education in the upcoming General Election Tuesday, November 8, 2022.


Jared Polis

Colorado House of Representatives

Julie McCluskie, District 13 

Lindsey Daugherty, District 24 

Ruby Dickson, District 37 

Mary Young, District 50 

Barbara McLachlan, District 59 

Colorado Senate

Dylan Roberts, District 8 

Tony Exum, District 11 

Lisa Cutter, District 20 

Tom Sullivan, District 27 

Colorado State Board of Education

Kathy Plomer, At-Large

Rebecca McClellan, District 6    

“A group of six highly involved community leaders choose their preferred candidates and they ended up being those who uphold and commit to fighting for education equity and racial justice,” said State Organizing Director, Ivana Bejaran Rib.

Candidates seeking Stand’s endorsement complete our Education Champion questionnaire.  An endorsement committee of parents and educators then use the completed questionnaires, public positions, and relevant voting records to check for alignment to our top priorities of early literacy, high school success and safe and support schools and communities.  Stand and the parents, educators, and community members we work with will now work to get out the vote in support of these candidates between now and election day.


  1. Why don’t you have a recommendation for Senate District 15 – it encompasses ALL of western Boulder county outside the city of Boulder and has a middle school teacher running for the seat?

    1. Hi Molly, Thank you for your feedback. Candidates are asked to complete a survey and interview with a panel of parents, educators and community members. After that the endorsement committee selects candidates for Stand’s endorsement. The candidates for Senate District 15 did not complete our process. It sounds like you have identified a candidate you like though! Thank you for standing.

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