We’ve Got a Ways to Go

Illinois has made great strides in the years since the Evidence-Based Funding formula became law. More dollars flow to Illinois classrooms, first going to the schools that need the most help. In fact, about $1.5 billion more state funding goes to schools each year since that change – a sign of progress and our collective impact!

That doesn’t mean we’re done; far from it. If we continue on the current pace of adding $350 million in new state funding each year, Illinois schools will not reach adequate funding for another two decades.

We can’t wait that long. A generation of Illinois students waits for us to act.

That’s why in next year’s State budget, we are urging lawmakers to include $550 million in new state funding for Illinois schools. The additional funding will close the gap between the haves and have nots about twice as quickly, helping ensure our schools have the resources they need to give children the education they deserve.

Stand with us and urge lawmakers to include $550 million in new funding for Illinois schools.

We are closing the funding gap and making progress, but we still have a ways to go. More than a million Illinois students attend districts funded at less than 75% of what they need.

Take action today and tell Springfield to prioritize $550 million in new Evidence-Based Funding for our schools in next year’s budget.

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