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Three years ago, education advocates flooded the state capitol with petitions, calls, and in-person visits fighting for evidence-based school funding. Thanks to your efforts, we won! Evidence-based funding has transformed classrooms across Illinois in districts that had long been deeply underfunded. 

What have your efforts gained? Updated curriculum. More social workers, school counselors, and classroom teachers. Modernized technology. Stronger relationships with families. Improved classroom achievement. Better supports for students and teachers. Lower property taxes.

Three months ago, we visited many of these schools so we could share with you the results of your advocacy. While the footage was shot before the pandemic, the stories remain relevant and the need for evidence-based funding remains critical. Indeed, the need is more vital than ever.

As difficult as it has been for schools and students to endure COVID-19’s brutality, imagine how dire the situation would be without evidence-based funding. My mind reels thinking about the enormity of weathering this storm without the most basic of technology, social-emotional supports, and educator supports made possible by the new school funding formula.

Grab your popcorn – and possibly some Kleenex – for your personal movie premiere of “Evidence-Based Funding Works! You’ll be transported inside five disparate districts across our state with one thing in common: evidence-based funding has made a world of difference for their students. Whether or not your school is featured, you’ll identify with their stories. After all, you helped make them possible by supporting this smart way of spending.

The story doesn’t end here. You’re probably reading about Springfield’s work on the education budget. We’ll be in touch soon with other ways you can take action. Until then, enjoy the show and thank you.

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