The Look on Their Faces

As a special education teacher, I try to make all my students feel appreciated and important. That’s why I’ve made it a habit to place positive post-it notes around the classroom, written specifically for each child. I’ll leave one on a student’s folder or the spot they typically sit. I’ll mention how I noticed they said something nice to another child, or how I see that they’re working really hard on an assignment.

The look on their faces — how they light up with pride when they read their notes — that’s everything. With one simple act of kindness, I’m able to lift their self-esteem, build their confidence, and hopefully inspire them to spread kindness, too.

Today, on World Kindness Day, what’s one small but powerful thing you can do to spread kindness?

This is most of my students’ first normal year of school due to pandemic disruptions. Many of them are struggling with skills they would’ve otherwise developed in early grades, including empathy and problem solving. With Stand’s Teach Kindness lessons and activities my students can practice these fundamental life skills, socialize with intention, and learn how their words and actions affect others.

Through engaging and interactive exercises, Teach Kindness gives my students opportunities to understand their emotions and find their place in our classroom community. I’ve seen such a positive change in them since participating in this program.

After a student reads their positive post-it note, I often see them tuck it inside their take-home folder or slip it into their backpack. It’s a reminder that kindness has a lasting effect, and the more kindness we can exhibit toward one another, the better off we’ll all be.

Please consider what you can do today to make someone feel seen, appreciated, and important.

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