Thankful for Kindness

Each Thanksgiving season I try to take a moment to pause and really reflect on what I’m grateful for. This year, what stands out in my mind are the many educators, students, families, and schools I’ve had the privilege to work with who have made it a priority to embrace kindness.

Even with so much already on their plates, the educators who participate in Teach Kindness make time for their students to learn about empathy, emotions, mindfulness, and other fundamental life skills because they know it will serve students well both now and in the future.

I hear from educators constantly about how Teach Kindness and a focus on social and emotional skills has enriched their school community and created a culture of positivity. Schools change for the better when kindness is made a priority.

I want to sincerely thank the school communities that have made kindness a centerpiece of their work. And I especially want to thank every person who has given their time and resources to Teach Kindness this year and enabled this program to reach children and families across Illinois.

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