Support Full Evidence-Based Funding for Public Schools

Funding Illinois' Future. Better Funding for Public Schools

The Evidence-Based Funding Formula was created in 2017 after five years of diligent study, intense advocacy, and hard-fought negotiation. At the time, Illinois had the single most inequitable funding system in the nation. The law established a goal of adding $350M to Evidence-Based Funding every year. That goal has been met each year but one.

An evaluation of the program shows the new funding has had the biggest impact on the most underfunded districts, exactly as intended. Evidence-Based Funding is working, but $350M is a floor, not a ceiling. At the rate of $350M per year, it will likely take two more decades to fully fund our schools compared to $550M, which would get us there in half the time.

Dedicating funds to address education disparities and disruptions like learning gaps, academic losses, and chronic absenteeism is critical to lifting students out of poverty. Children entering pre-K today will graduate before Illinois’ schools have the funding they need if we do not act now. We need a realistic plan to reach full funding within a decade!

Sign the Pledge to be an Education and Equity Champion if You

  • Believe all Illinois students deserve a fully-resourced school, no matter their background or zip code.
  • Believe the annual increase of $350M in Evidence-Based Funding is a floor, not a ceiling.
  • Will collaborate toward a solution to fully and sustainably fund Illinois’ public education system.
550M in FY25 for EBF three cartoon children holding up signs
Political cartoon. People standing on the edge of a cliff holding signs that read "cost of living increases, teacher shortage, migrant influx, and persistent under-funding." The precipice of the cliff has two arrows pointing to it that read "federal fiscal cliff Sep '24." A banner on the side of the cliff says "coming soon to a school near you..." At the bottom of the cliff is a trampoline labeled "evidence based funding"

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