Stand Urges Collaboration for Fair Funding

Illinois state capitol

Stand for Children Illinois Executive Director Mimi Rodman issued the following statement, today, immediately after Gov. Bruce Rauner’s State of the State address, which highlighted his 10 goals to improve education in Illinois.

Gov. Rauner repeatedly talked about working across the aisle to make Illinois schools the best in the nation. We’ve yet to see such compromises in Springfield, so we’ll remain vigilant and vocal about fighting for a better public education system. 

We urge the leaders of this state to work toward a bipartisan agreement that provides fair funding to all Illinois schools and ensures every child–whether they live in an urban, rural, poor, or wealthy community–receives a high-quality education. Every day that goes by when our leaders are not truly leading is another day that an Illinois child slips through the cracks of a broken education system.

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