Sparks of Change

When I look back on 2022 and all we achieved together, I see so many positive sparks of change for our children. Your gift of $5 today will help spark the next change.

Schools became kinder, more welcoming spaces for students and staff through the Teach Kindness program.

Educators thrived as they helped improve school climate and parent engagement through the CAFE Coaching program.

More children in underserved neighborhoods got the tools and programs they needed to become better readers.

We gained important insight into perspectives on Dual Credit courses through our community survey. We know where to work and build support to expand access to this critical high school resource now.

Our Payton Parent Fellows grew as leaders and helped put parents and caregivers at the table when important issues were discussed at the state and district level. All of this work – really, all of it – is possible only thanks to the support of folks like you. Your generous support allows us to make a difference every day across so many issues, programs, and relationships.

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