Our Schools Need This

While much of the state is getting blanketed with snow today, the work of government goes on. Today, Governor JB Pritzker delivered his budget address and proposed to include $350 million in additional funding for the Evidence-Based Funding formula for Illinois schools.

Gov. Pritzker’s proposed funding is a strong signal to the importance his administration places on education. He has long been an advocate for fair school funding and today’s proposal is a step in the right direction toward fully funding our schools.

Now, it is incumbent on the legislature to follow-through on the Governor’s proposals and appropriate the equitable Evidence-Based Funding formula.

Together, we have been fighting for new school funding for years. The work continues today, so let’s redouble our efforts and urge leaders in Springfield to prioritize Gov. Pritzker’s proposal of $350 million in new funding for Illinois schools through EBF.

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