How We Did

Illinoisans made their voices heard. Up and down the state, Election Day showed intensity and dedication in so many races on the ballot.

The same is true for races where Stand for Children IL PAC made endorsements. We supported a diverse group of education equity and racial justice champions who would stand up for Illinois children and families. We’re proud of each candidate and congratulate these winning endorsed candidates:

  • Rep. Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz (HD-17)
  • Rep. Robyn Gabel (HD-18)
  • Rep. Lindsey LaPointe (HD-19)
  • Rep. Janet Yang Rohr (HD-41)
  • Fred Crespo (HD-44)
  • Diane Blair-Sherlock (HD-46)
  • Rep. Barbara Hernandez (HD-50)
  • Rep. Mark Walker (HD-53)
  • Rep. Michelle Mussman (HD-56)
  • Rep. Daniel Didech (HD-59)
  • Rep. Joyce Mason (HD-61)
  • Laura Faver Dias (HD-62)
  • Rep. Suzanne Ness (HD-66)
  • Gregg Johnson (HD-72)
  • Rep. Anne Stava-Murray (HD-81)
  • Sharon Chung (HD-91)
  • Rep. Amy Elik (HD-111)
  • Rep. Katie Stuart (HD-112)
  • Sen. Laura Fine (SD-9)
  • Sen. Dan McConchie (SD-26)
  • Mary Edly-Allen (SD-31)
  • Sen. Doris Turner (SD-48)

We congratulate these candidates, and the candidates who did not win but ran great campaigns. Some of the endorsed races are still too close to call, so this list could yet grow. In the end, it shows that education champions represent districts up and down our state and remain committed to building a brighter future for us all.

Now that Election Day is behind us, the real work of building that brighter future begins.

I hope you’ll join us.

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