Good Leaders Matter More than Ever

As I read last night’s election results, the term “public servant” started taking on a deeper meaning.

A public servant is typically defined as a government official, particularly someone elected to office, whose job is to serve the greater good.

I suggest, in this time of a global health crisis, that each of us strives to have a stronger “public servant” mindset in service of the greater good.

We are seeing by the minute the consequences of government action (and inaction) at all levels. The impact of decisions made by school boards and legislatures, as well as the federal government, are revealing themselves. Some decisions have been confounding, some discerning, others courageous.

Like it or not, each of us shares a degree of involvement in how things are unfolding. Through our votes, advocacy, and actions — and our complacency, indifference, and inaction — we played a role in picking the decision makers and influencing their decisions.

Eleven of the 12 Stand-endorsed candidates for the Illinois House and Senate won or appear headed for victory in their primaries. Some results aren’t definitive since there are large numbers of ballots in Chicago and elsewhere in the state that are yet to be counted. The full list of winning and leading candidates are:

For State Senate

  • Sen. Robert Martwick (D-10)
  • Sen. Robert Peters (D-13)
  • Sen. Cristina Castro (D-22)
  • Meg Cappel (D-49)

For State House of Representatives

  • Rep. Theresa Mah (D-2)
  • Rep. Thaddeus Jones (D-29)
  • Rep. Jaime Andrade, Jr. (D-40)
  • Janet Yang Rohr (D-41)
  • Rep. Rita Mayfield (D-60)
  • Rep. Barbara Hernandez (D-83)
  • Rep. Avery Bourne (R-95)

Thank you to everyone who played a role in their victories through your votes, dollars, phone calls, social media postings, and door knocking. I can’t imagine any of them anticipated the enormity of the responsibilities falling on their shoulders as public servants, should they win in November. Indeed, many are incumbents and already tasked with making consequential decisions on the state budget and other matters to get Illinois through these challenging times.

Every day is an opportunity for all of us to serve the greater good by educating ourselves on the issues, then taking action that makes a positive impact — through our votes and meaningful advocacy.

I hope with all my heart that you and your families are and remain healthy.

Paid for by Stand for Children Illinois PAC

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