Chicagoans Want CTU to Negotiate, Not Strike

On Wednesday, March 30, Stand for Children Illinois commissioned a poll to get a pulse for where Chicagoans stand on a potential CTU strike, given the union’s decision to engage in a one-day strike today amid the breakdown in negotiations between CTU and CPS.

The result: Chicagoans don’t want another CTU strike.

Two-thirds (67%) of Chicago voters want both CTU and CPS to reach a contract through negotiations, while less than a quarter (24%) support reaching a contract via a strike. Support for reaching a contract resolution through negotiations is widespread across all demographics, age groups, and geographic areas.

Mimi Rodman, Stand for Children Illinois Executive Director, said “When given a choice, Chicagoans are clear – they want CTU and CPS to reach a contract through negotiations and avoid another strike because our students need to be in the classroom. An overwhelming majority of this City want them back at the negotiating table; it’s time for them to listen to the public and to unite forces to pressure Springfield to do its part to help schools.”

The poll asked 832 registered voters: “Between these two options, do you think the better way to reach a contract resolution between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union is to continue discussions at the negotiating table or to strike and shut down public schools?”

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