Invest in Kids: Hands Across The Capitol

Last week, students and parents stood in front of legislators to demand a stop to proposed education cuts to their schools. After school, students and their parents drove to the capitol to carry a message that politicians need to hear: 

“Don’t cut education funding!”

Right now, proposed legislation and budget negotiations are making their way through the Arizona legislature that will lead to hundreds of millions in cuts to funding created by the voter-approved Prop 208 – Invest in Ed. Even though this is illegal according to the Voter Protection Act, they are trying anyway, and we are working to stop them. 

Families in Arizona — including schoolchildren — aren’t having it. That’s why Stand Arizona parents, students, and volunteers joined together at last week’s Hands Across the Capitol rally to protest this deliberate attempt to effectively reverse the election result. 

Students, parents, educators, and education advocates are telling their state legislators that they are watching and will remember this next election! Stopping these dangerous, illegal budget proposals will save education funding that was approved by the voters through Prop 208 – Invest in Ed.   

We’re so close to adding a much-needed $1 billion annual investment into Arizona schools, strengthening Arizona’s economy, and doing it all with strict accountability. 

Lawmakers must prioritize the needs of students and schools instead of lining the pockets of wealthy constituents and business interests. 

Is that too much to ask? 

If you want to support the fight to protect this critical education funding, please consider donating today.

Watch AZ Family’s coverage of the event: