Celebrating the urgently needed $1 biillion Investment

Since our founding in 2009, Stand Arizona has been a leading advocate for proven policies,along with the funding necessary, to ensure all students have access to a high-qualityeducation. For the past four years, we have co-led the Invest in Education... read more

Our Statement on the Passage of HB 2853

Stand Arizona is committed to empowering parents to support their children’s education journey. While we support school choice options such as high-quality public charter schools, we oppose universal vouchers for private schools which undermine public education, lack accountability, and exacerbate... read more

Parents Win in Alhambra

PARENTS HAVE POWER! A great example of people using their power to influence change in their community happened in Alhambra School District in February. Stand helped Alhambra parents partner with their superintendent to engage in listening sessions to share their... read more

Legislative Overreach Will Hurt Our Students

This piece was published on the Arizona Republic on March 21st, 2022. Changing the Arizona Constitution is the wrong way to address critical race theory Opinion: It's a bad idea to add voter-protected language to the constitution that could have major unintended... read more

Debt Free Justice Passes State House!

This month, thousands of young people and their families had a victory in the Arizona legislature.  In a vote of 58 to 1, the Arizona House of Representatives passed HB 2033.   This bill would help young people avoid falling into... read more

Our Policy Agenda in 2022

How does policy change happen? It’s not easy. It takes good people to take a stand and apply consistent pressure to fix a problem.  Making a difference is possible. We’ve seen it time and time again – a group of... read more

Making sure every child reads

https://www.youtube.com/embed/y_KsZgeoGGA Last month, Stand was honored to be featured on 12 News Arizona!   Across the state, more and more people are realizing the depth of Arizona’s education crisis, and the important role of reading in early childhood to address it.   Reading... read more

Note to Arizona lawmakers

This piece was published on the Arizona Republic on January 22nd, 2022. Note to Arizona lawmakers: Do an end-around on huge tax cuts at your own risk Opinion: Voters don't want tax cuts for the wealthy while schools remain woefully underfunded. It's... read more

AZ Gov & Leg Getting Bad Grades with Voters

Arizonans are fed up with failed leadership at the state capitol. The battle for more funding and investment into schools is putting the actions of state leaders at odds with the demands of voters. Time after time, voters have expressed... read more

CTC’s Impact on Children and Families

Good leadership means looking out for working families. We commend our nation’s leaders who, through the Build Back Better Framework, have set the path forward to providing families nationwide the resources they need to succeed. Right now, the choice to... read more

Your Support Made A Difference in 2021!

If 2020 was a year of unprecedented change, challenging us to adapt and overcome like we haven’t been challenged in generations, 2021 was all about finding our footing and achieving positive impact and growth. Stand empowered more parents to engage... read more

Fighting Censorship: Teaching History

Students deserve to learn accurate U.S. history. Our country’s future depends on it.  As a student in high school, I am always reminded to think about my future. What would I like to do as a career? Will I have the skills I need? What does it... read more

Supporting Kids Who Need Us in Arizona

How do we help those in our community that are furthest away from justice and opportunity?   We speak up, and we drive change.  Many young people in Arizona get trapped in the juvenile court system. Despite their efforts to make amends, fulfill their... read more

It’s Time to Invest in Arizona

Once again, we must save over $1 billion in funding for education and crucial services.  This week, the Invest in Arizona Coalition submitted hundreds of thousands of signatures to the Secretary of State to halt Governor Ducey and the legislative... read more

Schools Can’t Win, Politicians Undermine Vote

This piece was published on the Arizona Republic on August 30th, 2021. Opinion: The cards are stacked against Invest in Ed, but we haven't stopped fighting. We'll do it in the trial court and we'll do it with 3 referenda... read more

Legislation that addresses child care crisis

This piece was published on the Arizona Capitol Times on August 26th, 2021 Right now, Arizona is experiencing a child care crisis. Costs and demand for high-quality child care are on the rise in Arizona. Now, with the pandemic forcing one-third of... read more

Child Tax Credit is a Lifeline for Families

The COVID-19 pandemic was devastating for families across this country, including mine. My husband lost his job, and as a result, we lost something very important in our lives: our home. As the mother of five, I was terrified. It... read more

A Year of Connection

In a year of tension and tragedy, we pause to consider our role in the community. We know that Stand for Children Arizona is not alone in the challenges we’ve overcome and the changes we’ve faced in a record-breaking year.... read more

Victory for Discipline Reform & School Equity

We have great news to share! Our legislative effort to help the youngest students in Arizona was successful! HB 2123 has officially been signed into law, which will reform outdated zero-tolerance discipline practices and benefit future generations of young students in our state.   The new law limits expulsions and suspensions for students in grades K-4 and prohibits them for... read more

Education Champion: Mr. Yslas 

Stand for Children has now been in Arizona for 12 years. The time has flown by, and our work continues to grow and reach more parents, students, and school officials. School leaders make a big difference and can empower parents, change policy, and give students... read more

Invest in Kids: Hands Across The Capitol

Last week, students and parents stood in front of legislators to demand a stop to proposed education cuts to their schools. After school, students and their parents drove to the capitol to carry a message that politicians need to hear:  "Don’t cut education funding!"... read more

Prop 208 at the AZ Supreme Court - Again! 

The Arizona Supreme Court has repeatedly throughout history recognized and protected the citizen’s initiative process. Under the Arizona Constitution, the power of the people to create their own laws is equal to that of elected legislators. On April 20, the... read more

New TV Ad: Politicians Cutting Ed Funding

PROP 208 LAUNCHES TV AD CALLING POLITICIANS’ DECEPTION AS LEGISLATURE AIMS TO CUT SCHOOL FUNDS APPROVED BY VOTERS  Arizona politicians attempt to silence the public and undermine the will of the voters with bill SB 1783. A proposed tax loophole for the ultra-wealthy at the expense of funding created by Prop... read more