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12/19/2022- Stand AZ Press Release

Stand for Children Arizona’s Statement on Tonight’s Preliminary Results Tuesday, November 8, 2022

11/08/22- Stand AZ Press Release


08/31/22- Stand AZ Press Release


07/28/2022- Stand AZ Press Release

Education groups give state budget mixed reviews

06/24/2022 – Arizona Capitol Times

‘History is messy’: Some teachers worry ‘critical race theory bills’ threaten AP classes

04/06/2022 – The Arizona Republic

Up a lot, and barely budged: How spending on Arizona schools tells different stories

04/04/2022 – The Arizona Republic

Changing the Arizona Constitution is the wrong way to address critical race theory

03/21/2022 – The Arizona Republic

Prop 208 ruled unconstitutional, killing voter-approved measure

03/14/2022 – Arizona PBS

Ducey stacked the Supreme Court. In return, it diminished the power of the people while expanding the power of his allies.

03/15/2022 – AZ Mirror

What’s next for supporters of Prop 208 after a judge officially ended it?

03/14/2022 – KJZZ Phoenix

Arizona judge blocks voter-approved education tax

03/12/2022 – Daily Independent 

Arizona’s voter-approved education tax dead after court ruling

03/11/2022 – 12 News Arizona

Prop 208, voter-approved Arizona education tax, dead after court ruling

03/11/2022 – Fox 10 News

Judge deals fatal blow to Arizona’s Proposition 208, ending 2-year battle over K-12 funding

03/11/2022 – Arizona Republic

Court strikes down Prop. 208

03/11/2022 – Arizona Capitol Times

Addressing Child Literacy with Research-Based Family Engagement: Partnership Brings Resources to Families in the Valley

02/14/2022 – Stand AZ Press Release

Two sides, same coin: Suppressing votes, cutting rich people’s taxes

01/6/2022 – Nation of Change

Note to Arizona lawmakers: Do an end-around on huge tax cuts at your own risk

01/22/2022 – AZ Central

House Education Committee passes bill to ban instruction that places blame on the basis of race, ethnicity or sex

01/18/2022 – AZ ED News

Democrats diss Ducey for ingnoring school funding needs, COVID-19 challenges

01/10/2022 – AZ Mirror

In focus on education, Ducey calls for posting all classroom curriculum online and more school choice

01/10/2022 – AZ Central

Arizona schools face massive budget cuts unless Legislature acts soon. That is far from certain

01/08/2022 – Arizona Republic

School funding a ticking time bomb

01/07/2022 – Arizona Capitol Times

Arizona ranks 45th in children reading comprehension; Here’s a group trying to change that

01/06/2022 – 12 News

GOP ignores education wishes of voters

01/06/2022 – Arizona Capitol Times


Whopping Disapproval of Gov Ducey & Leg in New Poll

12/20/2021 – Stand Arizona Press Release

Addressing child literacy with research-based family engagement: partnership brings resources to families in the valley 

12/13/2021 – Stand Arizona Press Release

Income tax cut referendum qualifies for ballot, secretary of state says

11/19/2021 – Arizona Mirror 

Update on efforts to put flat tax & cuts that gut Prop. 208 on 2022 ballot

11/16/2021 – AZEdNews

How the Phoenix Elementary School District is reforming school suspensions

11/02/2021 – AZ Big Media

The Battle Over Education Funding in Arizona

09/30/2021 – KAWC

Arizona Public School Advocates Refer GOP Tax Cut To Voters, But New Election Laws Go Unchallenged

09/28/2021 – KJZZ

Arizona education advocates file signatures to force vote on Ducey’s tax cuts in 2022

09/28/2021 – Tucson Sentinel

School advocates turn in petitions to overturn Arizona’s $1 billion tax cut 

09/28/2021 – AZ Central

Advocates turn in signatures to put tax cuts that impact education funding on ballot

09/28/2021 – AZ Ed News

Tax cut likely to go to voters

09/28/2021 – AZ Capitol Times

Petitions turned in, apparently will force public vote on Arizona tax cut

09/28/2021 – Arizona Daily Star

Invest in Arizona Coalition Turns In Hundreds of Thousands of Signatures, Halting Ducey’s Efforts to Undercut Prop 208 – Invest in Education and His Gift to the Weatlhy at the Expense of Schools

09/28/2021 – Invest in Arizona Press Release

State asks for more money to investigate teacher misconduct

09/22/2021 – ABC15 Arizona

Schools can’t win on funding when the governor, Legislators and courts undermine voters

08/30/2021 – AZ Central 

The Battle Over Education Funding in Arizona

08/030/2021 – KAWC News

Despite Court Ruing, education advocates say Prop. 208 can have a ‘longlife’

08/26/2021 – AZ Mirror

Federal legislation addresses child care crisis

08/26/2021 – Arizona Capitol Times 

Arizona Voters Angry and Prepared to Reject Tax Cut Bills at the Ballot Box

08/23/2021 – Invest In Arizona Press Release

Superintendent Hoffman and Invest in Arizona Coalition React to Arizona Supreme Court Invest in Ed Ruling

08/20/2021 – Blog for Arizona

Is Prop. 208 destined to be struck down? Officials react to Supreme Court opinion

08/20/2021 – The Center Square

Invest in Arizona Reaction to Supreme Court Ruling

08/19/2021 – Invest In Arizona Press Release

Invest in Arizona campaign to overturn tax cuts with voter referendums not dampened by lawsuit

07/25/2021 – Arizona Mirror

Lawsuit Against Invest in Arizona Campaign

07/23/2021 – Invest In Arizona Press Release

Public education groups launch referendums

07/23/2021 – Arizona Capitol Times

Invest in Arizona Campaign Kickoff

07/17/2021 – Invest In Arizona Press Release

Arizona education groups heading to the ballot to block new tax cuts

07/07/2021 – Arizona Mirror 

Prop 208’s new funding stream for schools was a big loser in GOP-controlled Legislature. Here’s what comes next.

07/04/2021 – 12News

Referendums Filed to Repeal Ducey’s Flat Tax, Anti-Prop 208 Legislation

07/02/2021 – Phoenix New Times

Arizona lawmakers pass bill that weakens Prop 208

06/29/2021 – 12News

Ducey’s tax plan is, ironically, being driven by ‘specail interests’

06/24/2021 – AZCentral

Legislators, education & voting advocates condemn threats

06/16/2021 – AZEdNews

If Bidwill and other CEOs are serious about education, why not fight for Prop. 208?

04/20/2021 – AZCentral 

Lawmakers resort to tricks, bullying to undo Prop. 208

04/09/2021- Arizona Capitol Times

Kids join teachers, parents at ‘Invest in Ed’ rally at state Capitol

04/7/2021 – AZ Family CH3

Arizona schools couldn’t suspend, expel students 7 or younger under proposed law

03/24/2021 – Arizona Daily Star

Bill Would Change The Age To Suspend or Expel Students in Arizona

03/24/2021 – KAWC

Senate to consider restriction on school expulsions, suspensions

03/23/2021 – Arizona Capitol Times

Teachers, Supporters protest bill that would cut Prop. 208

03/18/2021 – The Arizona Republic

Some worry bill that would slash Prop. 208 education funding would worsen teacher shortage

03/17/2021 – AZCentral

Teachers To Hold Rally Against Bills They See As Harmful For Education

03/9/2021 – KJZZ Phoenix

‘We Have Not Solved Education Funding’ — AZ Is Spending More On K-12 Education, But Is It Enough?

03/4/2021 – KJZZ Phoenix

Arizona Prop. 208, Invest in Ed Tax, Can Move Forward After Judge Denies Preliminary Injunction

02/10/2021 – KJZZ

Maricopa County judge rules against halting Prop 208 ahead of trial 

02/10/2021 – The Business Journals

Superior Court of Arizona denies legal challenge to overturn Prop. 208

02/9/2021 – KOLD News 13