Debt Free Justice Passes State House!

This month, thousands of young people and their families had a victory in the Arizona legislature. 

In a vote of 58 to 1, the Arizona House of Representatives passed HB 2033.  

This bill would help young people avoid falling into a cycle of debt and poverty for mistakes they made during childhood. HB 2033 will end extraneous juvenile court administrative fees, allowing them to truly pay their debt to society and move on to a better life. 

Over the last 2 years, Stand AZ has been working in partnership with the Berkley Law Center and a coalition of criminal justice advocacy organizations to raise awareness and pass legislation addressing this issue.  

Thanks to the hundreds of parents, teachers, and advocates that have taken action with us, lawmakers have seen a big wave of support for young people leaving the juvenile court system. 

With the help of partners and volunteers, we sent action alerts to constituents, promoted the effort on social media, sent over 2,500 messages to legislative leaders and had over 600 individuals sign in to support HB 2033 in committee hearings.