2022 Stand AZ Elections Voter Guide

This year more than ever, your vote will make the difference on critical issues for Arizona’s students.  


The majority of state legislators continue to play games with education funding – balking at the promised restoration of $1 billion for schools, and expanding state funding for private and religious schools to ALL private and religious school students. The current leadership has failed Arizona’s students, but we can change that by voting for candidates who have a proven track record of fighting for school funding that supports ALL Arizona students. 

Early voting starts October 12! 

OCTOBER 11: Last Day to Register to Vote in Arizona

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U.S. Senate





VOTE for Katie HOBBS


Secretary of State

VOTE for Adrian FONTES


Attorney General



Superintendent of Public Instruction







Although there are other important races for Congressional seats, Supreme Court Justices, etc., the Arizona State Legislature is one of the most important levers we have to support strong schools and a strong economy. No matter what local legislative district you live in (click HERE to find out) our list of Stand-endorsed, pro-education candidates highlights leaders that will support strong schools and a strong economy in Arizona. 

LD 2

VOTE for Judy SCHWIEBERT for State House

VOTE for Jeanne CASTEEN for State Senate

LD 4

VOTE for Christine MARSH for State Senate

VOTE for Laura TERECH for State House

LD 5

VOTE for Lela ALSTON for State Senate

VOTE for Jennifer LONGDON for State House

LD 6

VOTE for Myron TSOSIE for State House

LD 7

VOTE for Kyle NITSCHKE for State Senate

LD 8

VOTE for Melody HERNANDEZ for State House

LD 9

VOTE for Eva BURCH for State Senate

VOTE for Lorena AUSTIN for State House

VOTE for Seth BLATTMAN for State House

LD 11

VOTE for Marcelino QUIÑONEZ for State House

VOTE for Oscar De Los SANTOS for State House

LD 12

VOTE for Mitzi EPSTEIN for State Senate

VOTE for Stacey TRAVERS for State House

LD 13

VOTE for Cindy HANS for State Senate

VOTE for Jennifer PAWLIK for State House

LD 14

VOTE for Brandy REESE for State House

LD 16

VOTE for Taylor KERBY for State Senate

VOTE for Keith SEAMAN for State House

LD 17

VOTE for Mike NICKERSON for State Senate

VOTE for Dana ALLMOND for State House

VOTE for Brian RADFORD for State House

LD 18

VOTE for Nancy GUTIERREZ for State House

VOTE for Chris MATHIS for State House

LD 19

VOTE for Sanda CLARK for State House

LD 20

VOTE for Sally GONZALES for State Senate

VOTE for Andres CANO for State House

VOTE for Alma HERNANDEZ for State House

LD 21

VOTE for Rosanna GABALDON for State Senate

VOTE for Consuelo HERNANDEZ for State House

LD 22

VOTE for Dr. Eva DIAZ for State Senate (WRITE-IN)

VOTE for Lupe Contreras CHAVIRA for State House

LD 23

VOTE for Brian FERNANDEZ for State Senate

LD 24

VOTE for Anna HERNANDEZ for State Senate

VOTE for Analise ORTIZE for State House

VOTE for Lydia HERNANDEZ for State House

LD 27

VOTE for Brittani BARRAZA for State Senate

LD 29

VOTE for Scott PODEYN for State House


Arizona’s state legislature voted to send key issues to the voters this year – most of which limit voter access to ballots by restricting the citizens’ initiative process, increasing the hoops voters have to jump through in order to vote, etc. One measure, however, would remove a heinous restriction on some Arizona high school students – known as Dreamers – preventing them from accessing in-state tuition at Arizona’s public colleges and universities. We urge you to vote YES on Prop 308, and NO on those that limit your ability to vote in Arizona.  

Prop 128 – limits voter rights – Vote NO

Prop 129 – limits voter rights – Vote NO

Prop 132 – limits voter rights – Vote NO 

Prop 308 – in-state college tuition for ALL Arizona HS students – Vote YES 

Prop 309 – limits voter rights and restricts mail in voting – Vote NO 

You can read more about these, and other ballot measures here


In addition to these major races, we urge parents to stay engaged within their own local public school district. In these races, you have the opportunity to elect true education champions that will most directly affect the quality of education your child receives. Our friends at Save Our Schools have shared a strong roster of candidates with us – check it out now HERE!


Extremist politicians are close to taking over our state – putting quality education, reproductive rights, and democracy in danger.  This election counts, PLEASE join us!  We need responsible leaders to strengthen schools, support our families, and put Arizona back on track. Please sign the pledge to vote this fall! Early mail-in voting starts October 12, 2022. Election day is November 8, 2022.  

See you at the polls! PLEDGE TO VOTE NOW