Standing With You: June 2022

Your Voice at the Capitol  

This legislative session, we prioritized bills to ensure principals and administrators are trained in the science of reading, remove barriers to expanding and diversifying our educator workforce, fund Colorado schools equitably, and update policies for safer and more supportive schools and communities.  

But we could not do this without you – the parents, educators, and community members who showed your support and took action to ensure these critical bills passed.   

This legislative session parents, educators, and community members sent more than 5,500 emails to lawmakers and delivered 16 testimonies at the Capitol. 

Why It Matters 

We deeply believe that policy making is most effective when the voices of those impacted are at the center of decision making.   

During a House Education Committee hearing, a representative said he would be changing his vote to support our bill after hearing testimony from Megan Bobroske, an educator who joined us to testify in support of SB22-004 Evidence-based Training in Science of Reading.  

This is why it matters. Your action and your voice changes outcomes. Thank you for standing for students, educators, and families in the 2022 legislative session.  

Read more about what we accomplished together on our rundown of this year’s legislative wins.  

Learn More 

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Our Top 5

Highlighting this quarter’s work

We Need a Holistic Approach to Education Stand Advocacy Fellow, Pamela Kaspar, testifies in support of HB22-1376 

Create Environements for People to Thrive Stand Advocacy Fellow, Natalie Perez, testifies in support of SB22-099   

Traditional Pathways Are Creating Barriers Brooke Sassi, Literacy Interventionist, testifies in support of HB22-1220 

Why I’ve Seen Massive Early Literacy Gains in My Classroom Megan Bobroske, 2nd grade teacher, testifies in support of SB22-004    

In Their Words

Hear from parents, educators, and community members 

“Teachers are working hard to apply Science of Reading in their classrooms. Having administrators and principals trained in Science of Reading as well creates a collaborative, supportive school environment where readers thrive.”

-Megan Bobroske, 2nd Grade Teacher   

“There is a need for a holistic approach to education, where the wellbeing and growth of teachers, caregivers, support staff and scholars are just as important as standardized test scores. Caregivers need resources to assist with addressing problematic behaviors, and as numerous studies have shown, the emotional quotient is as imperative as an intelligence quotient.”

Pamela Kaspar, Parent and Stand Advocacy Fellow 

Join Us 

We need your support to continue our work. 


Donate here to ensure we can continue to center parent, educator, and community voice at the Capitol in 2023! 

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