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Legislation, Parent & Family Engagement | 03/23/2022

Natalie Perez
Stand Advocacy Fellow

SB22-099 Sealing Criminal Records will automatically seal the criminal records of individuals who are convicted of a non-violent offense if the person has completed their sentence, completed a waiting period of several years, and has not committed another criminal offense. The bill passed unanimously out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Parent and Stand Advocacy Fellow, Natalie, submitted her testimony in support of the bill.

My name is Natalie Perez. I am a mother and a leader in my community, and I am here to ask for your support of SB22-099 

I have seen how friends and family members cannot find homes to live in because of having criminal records. Many come out of prison with high hopes, ready to make a better life for themselves and when they try to get a job they are turned down because of their past. They try to live in areas where “good” people live but are turned down because of their past.  

I have seen friends and family members become discouraged because a mistake they made when they were younger gets in the way of them living in a healthy environment where they can heal and grow as humans. They are pushed to give up when society sees them as bad people with a record.  

And then the places who do accept them are places where they are placed in a box with others going Thought the same and unable to grow and become better humans. It makes it extremely hard to survive in environments like that. We need to allow them to make a better life for themselves, and by passing this bill we will do just that.  

We will create a safe environment for them, a place where they feel accepted and be able to thrive and grow and have better futures. 

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