Early literacy educators: We want to Hear from You!

In 2023, Stand for Children Colorado will be publishing a report to give an update on the impact of literacy policy in recent years, including the passage of the READ Act in 2012 and subsequent updates related to evidence-based curriculum alignment, teacher and principal training in the science of reading, and increased funding for early literacy grants.  

To center educator voice and experience, we want to hear from you! If you are an early literacy educator and/or K-3 classroom teacher or administrator, please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Our goal is to hear from as many Colorado educators as possible, so please consider sharing this with your colleagues.   

About Stand’s Early Literacy Work:  

Stand for Children Colorado has a longstanding and deep commitment to improving early literacy outcomes for Colorado students and supporting educators.  

In 2012, Stand supported the passage of the READ Act, Colorado’s early literacy policy to provide targeted supports for K-3 students reading significantly below grade level. In 2018, we championed HB18-1393, which strengthened the READ Act by increasing funding for Early Literacy Grants and for evidence-based approaches to be used. SB19-199 ensures that evidence-based literacy programming supports teacher training. In 2021, we advocated for the addition of a literacy-specific component to exams for teacher licensure to ensure that training programs prioritize using evidence-based reading approaches. Finally, in 2022, we championed SB22-004, which expands the science of reading training to principals and administrators. These policies were developed after hearing feedback from teachers about changes that would support them, and we are proud to advocate for them alongside educators from across the state. 

We have also developed two reports studying early literacy in Colorado: Improving Early Literacy in Colorado: Realizing the Promise of the READ Act (2016) and The State of Literacy In Colorado (2017). 

It is critical for policymakers to understand the perspectives of educators across Colorado, so if you are an early literacy educator and/or K-3 classroom teacher or administrator, please take a few minutes to complete the survey. 

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