DPS School Board Elections Are Here-How You Can Get Ready

And we meet again, Denver Public Schools Board of Education elections! 

There are about 89,000 students who attend DPS schools and each one of those students and their families deserve a representative that fights for their high-quality experience and education in Denver schools.  

I attended DPS schools my entire grade school career—from Kindergarten to my 12th grade year. As a first-generation Mexican-American multilingual student, I struggled during the critical years of literacy instruction and self-identity. Obviously, learning a new language that was not spoken at home besides the random rap songs my older brother would listen to as he lived out his short-lived breakdancing career—was a definite hardship for my reading level and performance. In addition, my teachers did not look like me, did not experience a transition like the one I was in, and my heavy accent and typical trenzas hairstyle put a direct target on my back for bullying and impatience from teachers. Now, I am telling you a bit of my life story in an elections blog because I want you to know that the people who are elected ultimately have the power to change certain policies, training, and curriculum to cure unfortunate experiences such as the one mentioned above.  

It truly is important to vote so you have a say on who will be advocating for students like me and those who experience other or bigger challenges.  

So, yes. Voting is a tool for you to use to ensure we have great leaders listening to our stories and finding ways to improve or change things for future generations to come.  

Alright, enough of the sappy part of this blog—let’s talk about the who, what, and how! 

Who is currently on the DPS school board and who’s seat is up for election on November 7th? 

Currently, there are seven board members and Director Auon’tai Anderson’s At-Large, Director Scott Baldermann’s District 1, and Director Charmaine Lindsay’s District 5 seat are up for election this November! The District 1 and District 5 maps can be found here. Everyone will be able to vote for the At-large seat because it represents all of Denver.  

What are the roles and responsibilities of the DPS Board? 

DPS Board members are responsible for: 

  • Establishing a vision for the district  
  • Hiring and/or firing the superintendent  
  • Setting the yearly budget  
  • Approving contracts for teachers and outside vendors  
  • Expanding the district or closing schools 

Who is currently running for the DPS school board seats?  

Here is a list of folks running, according to their district. 

District 1 

District 5 


How can I find more information on the candidates? 

You can find more information about their beliefs, values, and visions for the DPS community on their websites (linked above).  Google their names and see if there is news coverage about them. Check out their social media accounts.  

You can attend community candidate forums. Stand is co-hosting a town hall with several other organizations (TEN, Ednium, Faith Bridge, Our Turn, African Leadership Group) with the candidates for the DPS board on October 24th from 5-7 pm at Hamilton Middle School. Please register so we know you are coming. Food and interpretation will be provided. We can also help with transportation to the event.  

How do I find out if I am registered to vote for DPS School Board elections and how do I vote? 

Here is how to find out which district you’re in and if you are registered to vote. You can also use this site to check your ballot status and find your polling location. Moved Recently? You can change your voter registration address here, too! 

If your registration is current, your ballot will be mailed to you starting October 16th and you can send your ballot back by mail or return it to one of the 24-hour ballot drop-off boxes located throughout the city. To find the nearest drop-off box visit Denver’s Clerk and Recorder website

Ballots must be received by the Denver Elections Division by 7 p.m. on Election Day, November 7, 2023. If you choose to return your ballot by mail, send it back no later than October 31.

We hope you find this blog useful for your quest on voting in this year’s DPS School Board elections! Remember that your vote holds a lot of power that can help our future generations thrive, make sure you cast it! 

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