What You need to Know about November’s Election

This year is an “off year election,” meaning that you won’t be voting for president or others running for office at federal levels of government. What you will find on your ballot this year is officials running for local office – like the school board, people who are much more likely to have an impact on your day-to-day life. You will also be asked to consider several important ballot initiatives.

Your ballot for the upcoming General Election will be arriving in your mailbox in the coming weeks. Election day isn’t until Tuesday, November 7th, but we are sharing information, so you have time to prepare to vote in this important election.

Get More Information:

Here’s where you can get the latest information about your voter eligibility and ballot drop off and polling locations. It’s not too late to register to vote or update your information if you’ve moved. 

Research What’s on the Ballot:

  • You don’t have your ballot yet, but you can still prepare! This website will provide you a sample ballot for your address.   There will likely be candidates running for your local school board. These people can have a deep and lasting impact on the schools in your community and your child’s education, so make sure to do your research before you vote!
    • Visit their websites, check out their social media, and Google their name to see recent news coverage. 
    • Pull information from organizations you trust to see who they have endorsed. 
  • There are also statewide ballot initiatives for you to consider this year. Stand has endorsed both Prop II and Prop HH.
  • The Blue Book (you will receive a hard copy of this in the mail, too!) is a voter guide with easy-to-understand explanations of each ballot initiative compiled by nonpartisan staff of the Colorado Legislative Council.  

Vote By November 7:

Here’s where you can find locations to drop off your ballot. Just be sure you drop it off by November 7.

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