School Funding Bill Advances in House

Bipartisan legislation to center students in the way Colorado funds schools. HB24-1448, New Public School Finance Formula, will update our 30-year-old school finance formula and send additional state dollars to every school district and prioritize equitable funding for our students.

The bill has now passed the House Education Committee and the House Appropriations Committee. The Rural Alliance, representing over 140 Colorado school districts, announced their support, bringing the total number of school districts supporting this bill to over 160. 

The bill would put in place a school finance formula that sends more money per student to districts and, dramatically increases how much school districts get for: each student from a low-income household, each English Language Learner, and each student with a disability. 

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Colorado Public Radio: Hearing for Colorado school funding formula bill brings out long-standing inequities and new worries

Press Release: Committee Passes New School Finance Formula to Boost Student Success, Increase Equity in School Funding and Support Rural Schools

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