Meet Yaeel, Stand Advocacy Fellow

Stand for Children Colorado advances educational equity and racial justice in Colorado through meaningful partnerships with families, educators, schools, and policy makers. One of the ways we uphold this work is through our annual Advocacy Fellowship.   

Stand for Children Colorado Advocacy Fellows are community leaders advocating for policy solutions towards racial justice and equity in education.  With the support of Stand staff, advocacy fellows will deep dive into issues affecting Colorado communities today, co-create solutions, democratize knowledge back to their communities, work to break down barriers to power and access decision makers, and, in the process, build long lasting relationships and invaluable skills. 

We are excited to introduce this year’s Fellows!  

Meet Yaeel

What are you most excited about in this year’s fellowship? 

¿Qué es lo que más le emociona del programa de becas de este año?

Lo que mas me emociona de formar parte de stand Es el fellowship con mis compañeras quienes son personas bastante comprometidas, tienen una pasion por tracender lo habitual y van la milla extra eso para mi Es pasion por lo que hacen.  

What excites me the most about being part of Stand is the fellowship with my colleagues who are very committed people, they have a passion for transcending the usual and go the extra mile, that for me is to have passion for what they do.

What is your favorite children’s book? 

¿Cuál es su libro infantil favorito?

Mi libro infantil favorito se llama: La Abeja Haragana de Horacio Quiroja.  

My favorite children’s book is called: La Abeja Haragana by Horacio Quiroja.

What do you love most about Colorado?

 ¿Qué es lo que más le gusta de Colorado?

Lo que mas me gusta de Colorado Es su Naturaleza definitivamente. 

What I like most about Colorado is definitely its nature.

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