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Welcome to Capitol Week In Review, our newsletter keeping you informed about policy concerning educational equity and making our schools and communities more supportive.  You will also hear from us about opportunities to engage in advocacy on topics important to you. 

SB24-001, Continue Youth Mental Health Services Program, which will continue the “I Matter” youth mental health services program indefinitely, was introduced in the Senate.  

SB 24-034, Increase Access to School-Based Health Care, was introduced in the Senate. The bill authorizes grants for evidence-informed, school-linked health-care services which may include primary health-care, behavioral health-care, oral health-care, and preventive health-care services.

HB24-1003, Opiate Antagonists and Detection Products in Schools, expands upon current law to allow schools to maintain a supply of opiate antagonists on school buses and allows school bus operators to administer them in good faith. The bill was introduced in the House. 

HB24-1063, Addressing Abbreviated School Days, was introduced in the House. The bill clarifies what constitutes an “abbreviated school day” and seeks to address the effect of abbreviated school days on children with disabilities in public schools.

HB24-1070, Allowing Certain Items at School Graduation, was introduced in the House. The bill allows a preschool, public school, or university students to wear/display religious or cultural regalia at a graduation ceremony.

Increasing Graduation Rates by Investing in 9th Grade On-Track

9th grade has come to be well known as the make-or-break year.  How well students perform academically in 9th grade can predict their future success.  To be “on-track” means a 9th grade student has earned at least a quarter of the credits needed to graduate and received no more than one F in any course. Research shows that on-track status is a stronger predictor of high school graduation than race/ethnicity, level of poverty, and test scores combined!   

9th  Grade Success programming includes targeted interventions, transition supports, school-based teaching teams, and certain instructional approaches. 

This year, we are advocating for legislators to increase funding for the Colorado 9th Grade Success Grant Program, and make it a permanent program. This will allow more Colorado schools to participate in the 9th Grade Success Grant Program, which is changing the trajectory for many Colorado high schoolers.

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