Our kids can’t wait

Over two years ago, I posted this video. In it, I talk about the opportunity gap in IPS and why I want to see more just and equitable schools. Since then, two of my children have started attending one of the schools in our city that is doing a much better job of closing the opportunity gap. My understanding of how important it is to close the gap has only grown.

Last night, I spoke to IPS leaders at the Action Session. I requested they share data about the schools that close the opportunity gap in October. Watch my video from last night here.

Today, I also want them to do something about it. I want them to feel what I feel when I see that only 5.4% of Black students in IPS passed both section of the ILEARN and allow that heartbreak to push them to grow schools that are working for children of color and low-income students.

Please join me in asking IPS leaders to grow schools that work and close the opportunity gaps we’ve experienced for decades now by adding your name to this petition.

Too many kids are failing and too many kids aren’t getting an equitable shot at success. I will no longer accept the status quo because our kids deserve more. Our kids not getting a great education affects our whole community.

I know IPS leaders care, but we need them to act in the best interest of Indianapolis kids and grow data-proven schools. If you agree, please add your name to this petition today. Our kids can’t wait.