I want to see Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) close the opportunity gap by growing schools that work, regardless of the type of public school.

Watch this to learn why:

All children are capable of amazing achievement in the classroom. It comes down to the opportunities provided by our public education system.

In my last video post, I shared some of the details surrounding my journey with advocacy.

I know that a child getting a quality education can be the difference between them having a life of poverty or a life of prosperity.

Watch this short video to learn why I want to see IPS schools grow school models that are proven to close the opportunity gap. After you watch, please join me and ask IPS leaders to grow schools that work. I know that all children can thrive if given equitable opportunities to succeed.

I started advocating for the change that I want to see in our schools when my now 20-year-old daughter was in elementary school.

Watch this video to learn more about my journey and why I will always fight for education equity here:

Last week, parents and students got together and wrote letters to IPS board members. In these letters, they asked the board to pass a resolution directing the IPS administration to deliver a plan by June that will focus on scaling public schools of all types that close the opportunity gap.

Join parents by sending an email to IPS leaders today. It only takes a few minutes with this form that allows you to customize your email.

At the Action session in March, I asked IPS leaders to grow schools that close the opportunity gap. I also shared some of my story, including my journey with advocacy and how long I’ve been pushing for equity.

Listen to my testimony here: