I want IPS leaders to close the opportunity gap

Last night, I spoke at the IPS board meeting. During this meeting, I requested IPS leaders share data about schools in our city, not all of which are IPS schools (but all are public schools), that are doing a much better job of closing the opportunity gap. I also asked them to take action and create a plan to partner and grow schools that are seeing much better outcomes for Black and Brown students.  

Watch my speech to the IPS board here:

View data about the opportunity gap in our city here:

This is not the first time I have asked IPS leaders to close the opportunity gap. For years, parents like me have been asking IPS leaders to use data to drive decisions that can help grow schools that working for Black and Brown children. If this data tugs at your heart, please join me in being a part of the solution. The more people who sign the petition, the more likely IPS leaders will act.