Humans are wired for storytelling. It is how we learn about and relate to the world around us. From movies, to campaign speeches, to restaurant recommendations from friends, we experience and share stories everyday that shape our thoughts and actions. 

At Stand for Children Indiana, we know that everyone has a story to share that can make positive changes for public school students and youth facing our justice system.  

It begins with you tapping into what personally motivates you to be part of this movement for justice and equity.  If you already know your story, share it here (if you have multiple, you can use the form more than once).  

We’ve listed some questions below that can help you reflect on your “why.” Share the answer to one (OR more than one) of the prompts below with us!  


  • Why does an equitable public education matter to you, your family or your community? 
  • When was a time you realized the value of a good education? 
  • Do you remember a moment when you felt like fair access to education was being threatened? 
  • Do you have a student who has struggled in school? If so, how are you managing to get them the help they need?  
  • What are your biggest concerns about public K-12 education in Indiana? 
  • Have you ever advocated for your child at school? If so, what was that experience like?  
  • Have you ever experienced language barriers at your child’s school? If so, explain what it is like and what changes would help. 
  • Has your child ever had multiple teachers in the same school year? If so, explain how it impacted your child’s learning.  
  • Have you or anyone you know experienced the Indiana Juvenile Justice system? Explain what happened and why it makes you want to advocate for change. 
  • What would you change about the Indiana juvenile justice system?