About Us

Since 2011, Stand for Children Indiana has been advocating for effective education policies at the state and local level, helping to elect education champions and giving parents and teachers the tools and skills to ensure their children and/or students graduate ready to succeed in life.  Oftentimes, this focus on ensuring equitable opportunities in our classrooms means we’re supporting parents, teachers and students use their voices and power to address the injustices in our education system that are directly impacting opportunities afforded to Black and Brown students.  

The work of our volunteer advocates has led to major investments and improvements in how our schools are teaching early literacy, significant boosts in teacher pay, and policies that prioritize closing the opportunity gaps in our public schools.  

Simply put, Black and Brown students don’t get the same resources, quality instruction or access to great schools as their white counterparts. And Black students still face discipline policies in schools and in our juvenile justice system that feed the school-to-prison pipeline. Our goal is to walk alongside the very people experiencing these injustices and help support their push for change. 

We want to support you in finding your place in this movement to dismantle systemic racism and fight for justice.  

Stand is a unique catalyst for education equity and racial justice, to create a brighter future for us all. | Stand for Children es un catalizador único para la equidad educativa y la justicia racial, para crear un futuro más brillante para todos nosotros. 

In order to achieve our mission, we make an impact by: 

  • Partnering with parents to support their children’s education journey and to become strong advocates  
  • Advocating, mainly at the state and local level, for proven policies and funding primarily focused on helping students reach make-or-break milestones and creating a better youth justice system  
  • Ensuring the changes we fight for reach classrooms and directly support students 
  • Electing* candidates committed to fighting for an equitable public education system that gives all students a chance to succeed 

*Electoral activities are conducted exclusively by Stand for Children or one or more of its affiliated political committees. Stand for Children Leadership Center does not endorse or otherwise support the election or defeat of any candidate for elective public office.