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Skipping over the basics
Thinking back on how I was taught to read, I don’t know that all of it was beneficial. While it has been …
What is the science of reading?
You may or may not have heard of the expression, “the Science of Reading.” Like so many buzz phrases in education, you …
Why does the Science of Reading matter?
Reading is important. I believe it might be the most important thing our children learn in school because children who struggle to …
Indiana’s literacy crisis
Indiana is neck-deep in a literacy crisis. Just slightly more than one in three Hoosier children (37%) are reading on grade level …


Read this to learn more about the science of reading and why Lucy Calkins has rewritten her curriculum to include a fuller embrace of phonics and the science of reading.

Calkins has been a pre-eminent leader of “balanced literacy,” a loosely defined teaching philosophy. In recent years, parents and educators who champion the “science of reading” have fiercely criticized Professor Calkins and other supporters of balanced literacy.

Read about the largest financial investment for student literacy in state history.

A focus of the initiative is for educators to use the “science of reading” to teach literacy. This isn’t a specific curriculum or program, but a body of research on children’s brain development, instruction, and best practices that provides educators with multiple strategies for teaching kids how to read.

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Science of Reading resources from the Indiana Department of Education