Reduce Recidivism and Keep Families Connected

Legislators are considering important policy that will help reduce recidivism by keeping families connected while a loved one is incarcerated. HB23-1133, Cost of Phone Calls for Persons in Custody, would make prison communication free across Colorado. Every year, Colorado families –who are disproportionately Black, brown, and low-income – pay over $8.8 million to speak to their incarcerated loved ones. Over 50% of families with an incarcerated loved one struggle to meet basic housing and food needs. One out of three families with a loved one behind bars goes into debt just to stay in touch, and women carry 87% of the burden

Research has repeatedly shown that when incarcerated people and their families are in regular communication, they do better both while they are behind bars and when they reenter the community, which improves safety for correctional officers and the public.

We need you to weigh in please! Will you email your representative today and ask them to support HB23-1133?    

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