New School Information Tool For Families

DPS SchoolChoice enrollment is open now through 4pm, February 12, 2024. This is the time for families to learn about the options Denver Public Schools provides and decide if they want to move their student to a different school. This is also an important time for families who are just joining their first school in kindergarten, or with students moving to a middle school, or a high-school.   

Choice enrollment can be overwhelming as you try to identify the best school for your children, which is why we are thrilled to share this new tool that can help!  One of our partners, RootED, created The Mile High School Guide, a tool for families and caregivers to find in-depth information about public schools in Denver. 

This valuable online tool is the newest addition to the Denver Education Explorer platform, which will now offer two tools for users to explore either citywide or school-specific information. Not only will you be able to see academic information, but also: 

  • Teacher demographics
  • School program offerings 
  • Student and parent survey results 
  • Discipline information 
  • Information about absenteeism 

As an organization, we strive to ensure families have access to information, so we encourage you to use this tool and send any feedback on how it can be improved! If you have any questions on the DPS School Choice Enrollment process, Call 720-423-3493, email [email protected] or visit for more information. 

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