House Bill 22-1376: Supportive Learning Environments

We are thrilled to announce that bipartisan legislation we have been working on to ensure safe and supportive schools for all students has been introduced: HB22-1376 Supportive Learning Environments For K-12 Students.

We all agree that schools should be positive, safe, and inclusive places for students to learn. A broad coalition of partners engaged key stakeholders to identify updates to Colorado’s policies and practices to improve school climate for students. Those updates include:

  • Increasing funding for an evidence-based program (the successful Expelled and At-Risk Student Services Grant) that supports students, teachers, and administrators.
  • Updating restraint and seclusion policies and ending practices that have been shown to harm students.
  • Requiring better data collection on disciplinary incidents and indicators of school climate.
  • Promoting best practices and proper training for school security staff.

Will you email House Education Committee members to let them know you support HB22-1376?


These changes will help ensure we have information about the gaps that need to be filled right now to ensure safe and supportive environments for every student.

To learn more about the specifics of the legislation you can see the bill here and read Chalkbeat’s reporting here

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