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Pledge to Vote for Kids


I’m a graduate of Denver Public Schools and when I was in school, I saw first-hand how my education wasn’t as good as it should have been. I started to see differences in high school but it was mainly in college when I started wondering about my classmates: What school did they go to and how did they know more than me? It was painful to realize I was behind, and I had trouble catching up.

Give Kids Your Vote this November


This November, you'll have the opportunity to do something really big for our kids, with just one vote. Amendment 66, an investment in Colorado's public education, is your opportunity to shape the future of our state and the 860,000+ students our schools serve.

Stand for Children’s Endorsements for Denver school board!


Last week, Stand for Children’s member-led Endorsement Committee came together and selected the candidates for Denver school board who they believe will stand for students.

Our process began this summer, when the Endorsement Committee sent a comprehensive questionnaire to all candidates running for Denver school board. Members then interviewed the candidates, vetting them on their alignment with the policies that guide our work.



Stand for Children believes that when parents have a seat at the table when important decisions are made about our students and schools, we all win. Stand’s Very Informed Parents (VIP) program, launched in April 2013, allows parents and community members in Denver to learn the skills they need to help shape public education for the next generation.

Who are VIPs and why do they stand for children?

Meet Ana, and find out.

How are we training our teachers?


Today, U.S. News & World Report published rankings of higher educational institutions that train teachers. The ratings were conducted by the National Council on Teacher Quality, or NCTQ, a nonprofit that looked at 1,130 teacher preparation programs at 608 schools. The NCTQ evaluated special education, elementary, secondary, undergraduate, and graduate teaching preparation programs based on over a dozen different criteria.

High-Quality Preschool for All: A Path to Success

Abundant research shows that children who receive quality early childhood education not only start kindergarten more prepared to succeed, but they are also more likely to graduate high school, complete college, and find better paying jobs.

The unexpected journey

Two years ago I walked into my first day at Stand a nervous wreck. I was a recent graduate from Denver University, starting my first big-girl job. I had barely acquainted myself with the organization before I realized that being an organizer was not like working a regular 9 to 5 job. Rather, as an organizer I found myself wearing the hat of listener, counselor, resource connector, friend, mentor, and advocate.

From the Capitol to the Classroom: End-of-session round up


A packed 2013 legislative session wrapped up last Wednesday. As in past years, education remained a major focus. A number of great bills we supported made their way to the Governor’s desk, yet there is a lot to keep us busy in our goal of ensuring that every child graduates high school ready for college and career.

Highlights of the 2013 session:

From the Capitol to the Classroom: Funding + Reform = Success


We’re excited to report that Senate Bill 213, the Future School Finance Act, passed out of the House Education Committee late Monday night!  After making it through the Senate, it has just a few more hurdles to overcome before it heads to the Governor.

More support to modernize the School Finance Act


SB 213, the modernization of the School Finance Act, continues to gain steam across the state. Check out this latest editorial from the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. It clearly shows the value this bill provides to rural districts.