I support science-based training and curriculum

I spoke at the State Board of Education meeting today because I support our teachers and schools having science-based training and curriculum that will support all Indiana children in becoming skilled readers. 

Watch the video of my testimony here:

I have always admired teachers. I know how hard they work and how much they care about students. My time tutoring only reinforced how much I appreciate the work of our educators.  I believe that in the long-run, changing how our state teaches children to read will only benefit our classrooms and our teachers, who I know care about our kids and want all the tools they can get to help struggling readers in their classrooms. 

I know there has been some pushback about the new literacy endorsement teachers need, and I won’t pretend to know all of the politics at play here. But as a parent who cares about kids in Indiana and as a person who has seen firsthand how the reading crisis in our state is impacting children, I wanted to be here to say our kids deserve more. Our kids deserve proven methods in reading instruction so they have fair chances at successful futures. 

That’s why I support the efforts being made by state leaders to ensure our tremendous educators have the support they need to help our most struggling readers.