Why I stood for literacy

I did not initially think Indiana was facing a literacy crisis. Then I began to volunteer with my church. In asking elementary through middle school students in my Sunday school class to read basic passages, I saw and was extremely disheartened by the failures of our public schools.

Seeing so many kids behind where they should have been, I couldn’t sit by and do nothing.

So, I testified in support of the Science of Reading this legislative session. I wanted to ensure our schools had the right curriculum, based in science. I wanted to voice that our kids need to read because it will determine not only their futures but also ours as a state.

Watch my video to learn why I shared my story and how literacy in our state is changing because of advocates like me:

Just imagining the difference this bill will make in the lives of children across our state is so fulfilling. While I had to push through the nerves and feelings that I couldn’t do it, I am glad my story made a difference. Our teachers and schools will now have the science-based training and curriculum they need to support all Indiana children in becoming skilled readers.

If you have a story to tell, I encourage you to join Stand for Children Indiana’s email list and share by emailing [email protected].


  1. Great article and video! It is very disheartening and alarming to hear about the large number of children who cannot read. Kudos to standing for children advocates!

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