The education I want IPS children to have

I got involved with advocacy because my children weren’t getting the type of education I wanted them to have – the type of education that will set them up for success. Even if you don’t have children in IPS, creating more equitable schools in this district is important for the entire community now and for future generations. Do you also want to see better, more equitable schools?

Watch my video:

When I see communities with great disparities, I know it’s not by accident. We have to be honest that disparities exist in our community and our schools because of racist oppression.

I can no longer accept discipline disparities in this district because there should not be gaps in opportunities between races. And I’ve seen these differences firsthand, with my children experiencing low-quality educational instruction after good teachers left and were never replaced in their schools. I can no longer accept that some children are being failed by our schools when there are models that are proven to be working for children of color, so I am doing something about it — and I hope you do too.

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