Thank you for supporting Indiana students and teachers

As a parent, I know our voices become stronger and can make a positive impact when work together. This year has proven that. 

Last legislative session, over 6,000 of you joined parents like me and asked our legislative leaders to oppose a dangerous bill that would have stifled our children from receiving an accurate education. This year I’ve seen thousands more join this movement in the name of equity and justice for Indiana kids. 

Maybe this year you signed a petition, emailed a school board member or participated in a workshop. Perhaps you donated or volunteered your time. No matter which actions you took, I want to thank you for being part of a movement dedicated to supporting Indiana children and teachers. It’s because of you that parents like me feel comfortable raising our voices. It’s never been more important that we address racial inequity in our schools and ensure all our children receive a high-quality education. 

This work is made possible because of you, and the entire Stand family is so grateful to have you be part of this movement.

We hope you have a healthy, safe and peaceful holiday this week.   

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