Parents spoke against Indianapolis Public Schools’ Rebuilding Stronger plan  

Parents affiliated with Stand for Children Indiana spoke against Indianapolis Public Schools’ (IPS) Rebuilding Stronger plan at the district’s Action Session last night.  

 “I am speaking my truth, but I know many other parents, teachers, and community members have told you something similar to what I will — which is that the schools we choose to grow under this plan matter,” said IPS parent LaToya Hale-Tahirou. “And I cannot support your plan unless it includes growing data-proven models that are closing the opportunity gap. You’ve heard this before, but I need to say it again: Paramount has more Black students passing both sections of the state assessment than all IPS direct-run schools combined. I realize your plan mentions a potential partnership now, but it needs to be something more concrete.”  

Parents have been advocating nearly two years for the district to partner with and replicate schools that close the opportunity gap, specifically Paramount Schools of Excellence. Those who addressed the board last night called out the extent of their advocacy and the importance of selecting data-proven schools that work for all children.  

 “Even before this planning process started, many parents like me stood at this podium and made the clear request for IPS to grow models that are data-proven to close the opportunity gap for children who look like mine,” said IPS parent Sherry Holmes. “I’ve lost count of just how many times I’ve spoken in this room, or how many emails I have sent. What I do know is that it wasn’t just me. Many parents – Black and Brown families from across this district – showed up, held meetings with school board members, sent hundreds of emails – all asking for IPS to grow Paramount, one of the best schools in our state for Black and Brown student achievement.”  

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