One amazing year

When you fight for justice and equity in education, it’s easy to focus on what’s next, because there’s always a critical issue to tackle and more advocacy to be done.  

But let’s not head into 2024 without reflecting on the remarkable work done this year by you and other Stand for Children advocates. Whether you joined us for a celebration or workshop, used your voice to speak at the statehouse, took an online action of any kind or made a donation – you contributed to some major changes that will spark better outcomes for children in Indy and across our state.    

This year, because of advocates like you:  

  • Stand helped usher in a new era for how literacy is taught in Indiana, which should result in thousands of struggling readers getting the instruction and support they need to accelerate their learning.  
  • After decades of thousands of children missing out on the chance to earn a scholarship to support their college dreams, Stand successfully pushed for changes to state law that will make the 21st Century Scholarship enrollment process truly automatic for eligible students.  
  • We led the charge on a bill to help eliminate unjust fees and costs for parents and children in the youth justice system, which is already working to ensure low-income families aren’t held back by court oversight when they simply can’t afford to pay.    
  • And we worked alongside our valued partners to push back when IPS attempted to move forward with a referendum that would have dramatically increased a huge funding gap impacting public schools in our city that serve some of our highest need students. The campaign led by Stand parent advocates resulted IPS tabling the inequitable funding plan, which enabled state action to ensure future referendums are shared equitably among all public schools in IPS.   

None of these wins for kids in our community would be possible without you. I’m so grateful for your support and can’t wait for the work ahead in 2024.  

Let’s keep the momentum rolling into the New Year. Please consider making a donation to Stand to help us build this movement for justice and equity in our public schools.